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Best 30 Apparel Management Software Solutions

Choosing the right apparel management software is a crucial task for a clothing label. Here we selected 30 best fashion industry tools to take a closer look.

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Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry with Smart Software Solutions

The fashion industry, ever dynamic and driven by ever-changing trends, demands adaptability and precision from clothing companies. To thrive in this landscape, businesses need to harness the power of technology. Apparel industry software is the key to unlocking success in this fast-paced sector, and it's more diverse than ever, catering to various aspects of the fashion business.

Beyond Inventory Management

Apparel software isn't just about keeping track of clothing stock. It spans a plethora of functions. Some software aids in creative design, while others handle billing and licensing. There are solutions for managing clothing inventory, organizing collections, and even streamlining order fulfillment and customer relations. Versatile platforms that encompass multiple functions also exist.

When to Choose Apparel Software?

As fashion businesses outgrow manual solutions like spreadsheets, they turn to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tailored to their size. ERP applications are comprehensive, covering all aspects of business processes under one digital roof, including production management, inventory control, and financial tools.

Selecting the Right Software

Choosing apparel software is a critical decision, and several factors come into play:

1. Business Model: Your business model dictates your software needs. Whether you're an original equipment manufacturer, a fashion retailer, or an intermediary, there's software designed to meet your specific requirements.

2. Company Size: Smaller companies often require fewer features. Luckily, most software solutions offer modular systems that you can customize according to your needs.

3. Vendor Support: Consider whether the software company offers customized solutions, comprehensive staff training, and excellent post-sale support.

30 Apparel Software Solutions to Consider

Here's a curated list of 30 apparel software solutions for various facets of the fashion industry:

1. AIMS360 Fashion ERP: A comprehensive, cloud-based platform for brands, importers, wholesalers, and distributors, offering inventory management and order processing.

2. ApparelMagic: An integrated solution for style management, sales, accounting, and inventory control, suitable for both global brands and niche labels.

3. A2000: An Oracle-based ERP system for sewn-goods industries, offering supply chain management, order processing, and financial reporting.

4. Fast React: Industry-specific software offering solutions for capacity planning, inventory management, and order confirmation, enhancing production efficiency.

5. BlueCherry: An ERP for lifestyle brands and apparel companies, offering features like PLM, shop floor control, and e-commerce.

6. intelloCut: A planning optimization tool to reduce fabric wastage, ensuring maximum fabric utilization.

7. Sync: A cloud-based integrated solution with modular customization, offering various tools from style costing to inventory management.

8. YuniquePLM: A product lifecycle management tool for apparel and retail businesses, aiding in efficient product development and supply chain management.

9. i.Level: A modular system with solutions for stock management, wholesale, B2B web stores, and more.

Not Industry-Specific Options

10. NetSuite Software: A cloud-based ERP solution for managing production orders, inventory restocking, and quality assurance for apparel brands.

11. Priority Software: A scalable ERP solution for midsize to large businesses, offering modules for finance, logistics, HR, and more.

12. Infor CloudSuite Fashion: A cloud-based PML system offering end-to-end resources management for the fashion industry.

13. WFX PLM: A holistic solution for fashion, garment, and clothing industries, offering tools for product development, budgeting, and forecasting.

14. BlueCherry: An enterprise resource planning solution for lifestyle brands and fashion companies, with end-to-end functionality.

15. intelloCut: A planning optimization tool designed to minimize fabric wastage and track material quality.

16. Sync: A cloud-based solution with modular customization, ideal for fashion companies of all sizes.

17. YuniquePLM: A product lifecycle management tool used in various industries, including fashion and technical textiles.

18. i.Level: A modular system suitable for clothing and fashion management.

For Small Business

19. Zedonk Software: An intuitive and affordable online solution designed for small and medium-sized companies to simplify fashion workflows.

20. Poly PM: A combined ERP and PLM solution for small to midsize apparel companies, offering precise tracking of orders and production stages.

21. Indigo8: A scalable cloud-based platform suitable for growing fashion brands, offering seamless integration with third-party solutions.

22. Timereaction: A cloud-based project management and collaboration tool designed for small to medium-sized businesses in the fashion and retail sectors.

For Retail Business

23. FDM4: A fully-integrated ERP solution designed for distribution and catalog industries, including garment manufacturers.

24. Openbravo Commerce Suite: A multichannel retail business solution with flexible and extendable modules, suitable for omnichannel retailers.

25. Powersoft365 ModaPro: An apparel management software with robust sales and marketing features, ideal for screen printing and embroidery businesses.

26. Cin7: A web-based inventory management platform offering automation for omnichannel retailers and wholesalers.

27. ShopWorks OnSite: A comprehensive business app designed for small to medium-sized companies providing screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products.


28. CLO 3D: An easy-to-use design software for the fashion industry, allowing the creation of 3D clothing samples.

29. MarvelousDesigner: A tool for creating 3D virtual clothing with precise control over textures and details.

30. Browzwear: A suite of design tools, including VStitcher and Lotta, for visualizing products and streamlining design processes.


Selecting the right software is paramount for success in the dynamic world of fashion. Industry-specific tools offer comprehensive solutions, from accounting to pattern management. However, understanding your unique needs within the vast apparel industry is crucial to making the right choice. Let technology be your guide, and watch your fashion business flourish.

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