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By using branded cloud-based solution
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BodyPass is for retail

If you're fashion label, fashion designer or online atelier, use BodyPass to accept mass-customized and proof-fitted orders from your customers both online and offline

It is new interactive shopping experience for sustainable and responsible shopping.

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On-demand manufacturing

An innovative OMS solution for small-batch contractors and ateliers to accept, produce and dropship digitally designed styles on-demand.

Empower your own production or find the local on-demand contractor for your fashion label.

Our vision

Fashion business shall be digitized

Right now the industry is stagnating, not knowing what to do with excess commodities that are losing their value at breakneck speed.

ShareCloth gives the answer to the question of fashion industry's economic and environmental dead end.

Our solution concept is based on the precise digital 3D-samples of garments and 3D virtual bodies of the customers that serve as the key to the new digital retail and on-demand manufacturing.

Iamge Description

How does
it work?

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The historical case

Fit. Indeed.

We invited forty girls to order a dress using our new shopping experience and on-demand model. Learn about the speed, transparency and efficiency in our first case study.









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About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based infrastructure that directly connects retail and manufacturing over a digital fashion concept, allowing fashion retail to manufacture units after the purchase is made