Digitally designed sourced fitted sold produced

ShareCloth' mission is to help fashion retail to start selling and producing on-demand within the new efficient paradigm

On-demand manufacturing is not just about improving production processes. On the one hand, it involves transformation of the supply chain, while on the other, it engenders positive changes to the consumer’s experience and options that lead to the new opportunities for retail.

ShareCloth creates a comprehensive solution: a unique experience of on-demand retail for the consumers and the linked solution for digitalization and on-demand garment manufacturing for the fashion business.

This approach enables us to guarantee quick and effective integration of state-of-the-art solutions into fashion business and retail and to achieve adaptation of our solution by the large swathes of consumers.

We are betting strategically on the small and medium enterprises that have already made their market entry and enjoy sustainable demand, but also recognize the advantages of on-demand production on this highly competitive, resource-intensive and risky market.


ShareCloth' disruptive potential

M2M communication
Machine speaks to machine

The virtual sample exported into the 3D-pack is a confident step towards robotic automation of the apparel production. Reading information about the garment, the automatic systems receive information about its cutting and sewing.
As the robotic apparel production solutions continue to develop, the $250B apparel manufacturing industry will experience serious disruption.

New economy
Value chain re-thought

Digital styles and on-demand retail provide new opportunities for building the fashion business’ economy and organization of cash flows. Since the garments are only produced after the payment has cleared, the structure of capital and cash cycle significantly differs from the current risky model.

Digital eco-system
Supply chain automated

Even today, our ecosystem for on-demand production makes it possible to autonomously link those fragments of the industry that were earlier connected only through the efforts of large numbers of people.

For example: automatic on-demand sourcing of fabrics or automatic placement of the paid on-demand orders

New retail experience
Machine becomes a tailor

The Digital style + Digital body concept leads to the change in paradigm of retail-client interaction and the new level of mutual loyalty.
It is an opportunity to interact with each client individually but automatically without any additional resources on the part of retail.

About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based infrastructure that directly connects retail and manufacturing over a digital fashion concept, allowing fashion retail to manufacture units after the purchase is made