Digitally designed sourced fitted sold produced

ShareCloth' mission is to help fashion retail to start selling and producing on-demand within the new efficient paradigm

A hundred years ago, our grandmothers and grandfathers had their clothes made to order in the tailor shops.

In the 20th century, during the industrial age, the only importance was given to the commodity that was transferred along the supply/value chain.
But as the industry scaled up, the retailers’ warehouses were buried under garments that nobody needed because nobody ordered them.

Today, this historical legacy has led the garment industry into the economic and environmental dead end. Right now the industry is stagnating, not knowing what to do with excess commodities that are losing their value at breakneck speed.

ShareCloth gives the answer to this question. We urge the fashion retail to rethink its business model and move towards on-demand production.

Our concept is based on the precise digital 3D-samples of garments that serve as the key to the new digital retail and on-demand manufacturing.

3D-sample enables the computer to understand the design, becoming a store consultant, a tailor, a manager, and even a seamstress all at once, easily and quickly automating the processes that earlier seemed impossible to automate. It helps to bring design, sourcing, fitting, sales and subsequent on-demand manufacturing into the single digital platform-based flow.

These products are the foundation of the ShareCloth ecosystem that helps to resolve fundamental and widespread problems of the fashion business.

About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based infrastructure that directly connects retail and manufacturing over a digital fashion concept, allowing fashion retail to manufacture units after the purchase is made