The solution for the next generation of

digital smart fashion retail

Drop less

Focus on creating and presenting smaller collections more often by switching from mass production to on-demand manufacturing

Change faster

React to new trends and sources of inspiration on the day-to-day basis without the need to sell off leftovers

Reduce risks

Keep the fabric untouched until the order has been paid for, and reuse the fabric for new styles

ShareCloth on-demand

A complex cloud-based solution that directly connects retail and manufacturing, which allows retail or a vertical brand to manufacture the garments after the purchase is made

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Digital styles

Our software and private cloud help to import, store and manage the created styles in digital format for further use

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Website or app integration

Easily integrate ShareCloth' solution into your site or app to enable your customers to order customized styles

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Manufacturing integration

Invite your manufacturer into the ShareCloth network or find a new one to execute the made-to-order model

How does it work?

Introducing a new way of digital operations for the fashion business that improve the experience of your customers and your company


Import the ready-for-production garments into the ShareCloth platform using simply branded software


Make sure that the manufacturer has accepted your garment for production using the system dashboard and ready-to-accept on-demand orders


Once the style is ready for sale, start your internet sales by marketing it online through the cloud


When the garment is ordered, the solution will drive it through the manufacturing chain so that you can deliver the product within days of the order


The customer visits your website or app to shop your styles in a usual manner with seamless ShareCloth integration


If the option is available, the customer is offered a chance to customize the selected garment with fabric options, prints or cuts


Once the purchase has been paid, the on-demand solution sends the order to the trusted manufacturer. The order will be produced and delivered within a few days

Our services

Is your company small & efficient? We provide extra services for hassle-free launch with no extra hires

Product development

To help you finalize designs into the ready-for-production format

Product digitizing

To import your existing styles into the platform

Manufacturer integration

To integrate ShareCloth solution with your trusted manufacturer

Website integration

To enable you to offer on-demand styles on your website or mobile app

I'm a manufacturing contractor and would like to join ShareCloth

I'm a manufacturer

About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based solution that directly connects retail and manufacturing, allowing fashion retail and vertical brands to manufacture the garments after the purchase is made

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