There’s a Better Way to Manufacture Clothes

Eliminate waste, maintain a healthy cash flow and forget about deadstock
with on-demand retail and manufacturing solution.
Produce exactly what you want. Have your customers get exactly what they want.

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Enter the on-demand era

Traditional supply chain manufacturing is out of fashion

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Launch your collection within 10 days.
Done with designs? Upload all the models and start selling them on your platform. We’ll take care of manufacturing and shipping after the order is placed.

No Frills, No-Minimums production
Yep, you can commission just 1 unit or more. Your call. No MOQs. Stay agile. Respond to new trends with rapid small-batch production and capsule collections.

Dead-stock no more
Forget about forced markdowns and overstocking. You can produce as much as you can sell. Eliminate waste and become a proud sustainable brand.

Your fashion-forward move

Digitize Your Back Office
We offer simple online tools to handle on-demand manufacturing and supply chain management. Focus on the creative side of your business, while we do the admin work.

Deliver Quality
Connect with reliable local on-demand manufacturers. No lead time for signing on. No delays and no compromises in terms of quality.

Learn From The Best
Receive fresh insights and best practices for the on-demand fashion brands. Our community support will help you make your next collection a success.

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Small fashion labels

Losing money due to dead stock? Can’t estimate the demand?

On-demand manufacturing will help you eliminate overproduction and improve your cash flow

Medium fashion business

Mulling over a capsule collection or featured collaboration, but don’t want to risk your cash?

Manufacture each staple on-demand, only after a sale has been made while maintaining top product quality

Upcoming designers

Looking for a competitive, zero-risk business model?

Discover the potential of extensive customization and on-demand manufacturing offered by ShareCloth

How ShareCloth works?

Go digital. Be sustainable. Deliver exactly what your customers want and protect yourself against risky business decisions


Import ready-for-production styles into ShareCloth in a few clicks


Sign on with a manufacturer and receive fair production cost estimates online. No meetings. No negotiations. You're all set up in a few clicks


Add new styles to your online store and start selling. Your customers will be prompted to enter their body measurements and suggested with the best sizing before placing an order


ShareCloth takes over from here and will handle all the supply chain processes till the garment is delivered to the happy customer in a few days


Browse hundreds of styles and designs on the store, powered by ShareCloth


Upload your body measurements via BodyPass or another digital solution to receive custom-fitting clothes for your unique body type. No more sizing hassle


Once the order has been paid, it will be produced on-demand for you and delivered within a few days


ShareCloth is available in the U.S. only

Get in touch to schedule a demo. Let’s power up your fashion brand with on-demand manufacturing

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About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based solution that directly connects retail and manufacturing, allowing fashion retail and vertical brands to manufacture the garments after the purchase is made

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