Live project

Customized dress
on-demand manufacturing

We invited 40 women to the freshly made simple mobile app to try new shopping experience. They could choose the fabric and color for their dresses.

We also offered them to create ShareCloth body avatar to virtually validate the fit before the manufacturing in order to produce the best product for our clients.

I was happy to take part in the experiment for such an innovative product. It’s so convenient to create my avatar only once and receive all style options that I want manufactured on-demand

ShareCloth' app customer


We've been succeeding verifying new e-commerce model that enables the customized garment manufacturing by using ShareCloth on-demand platform

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Start selling & manufacturing apparel on-demand with ShareCloth' On-demand solution

About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based infrastructure that directly connects retail and manufacturing over a digital fashion concept, allowing fashion retail to manufacture units after the purchase is made