Sell smarter
using BodyPass

If you're a small fashion label, fashion designer or online atelier, use BodyPass app as a shop front to accept mass-customized and proof-fitted orders from your customers both online and offline. Sign up for free

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Innovative shopping experience

BodyPass – it’s a standalone m-commerce solution for apparel retail business, opening new doors for interactive shopping experience for end-customers.

BodyPass is a part of ShareCloth' digital eco-system.

Body passport

Provides an interface for importing customer's and use body measurements every-time you need to shop clothing


Validates the garment fit on the customer's body before in the moment of order. Seamless. Precisely, as if the customer visited the tailor in person.


Opens doors for mass-customization experience through BodyPass connected with ShareCloth on-demand solution


Helps customers to discover and buy clothing from responsible progressive labels who manufacture on-demand all-over-the-world

Join the family of forward looking fashion businesses who produce on-demand by joining BodyPass or developing own mobile app on the white-label basis

How to join

Digital benefits for fashion retail

  • Sell smarter: Reduce returns rate and increase conversions offering the purchase without a doubt
  • Tailor-like experience: Offer your customers customization options at the moment of purchase
  • Grow your audience: Access the audience of the most progressive and responsible consumers worldwide

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How does BodyPass work?

Having stared developing our complex on-demand concept early last year, we're now glad to introduce BodyPass as a complex digital solution for the fashion of tomorrow.

Join BodyPass for free

List your store on BodyPass today! You pay proof-of-fit fee only when the digital garment fitted to the digital body to find and proof the best size possible for current customer.

$0.15 / per fit*

Get listed today

*For example: the style customer ordered has 6 sizes $0.15 x 6 = $0,9

After the purchase, you pay less than $1 to be sure, the size for the order is correct.
We charge monthly for fitting qty made.


Develop your own app

Rather you're global retailer or marketplace, use the power of BodyPass at your own e-commerce, integrated into your IT-infrasturcture.
ShareCloth offers infrastructure-as-a-service and development for your fashion business at the white-label model.

About Us

ShareCloth is a cloud-based infrastructure that directly connects retail and manufacturing over a digital fashion concept, allowing fashion retail to manufacture units after the purchase is made