Top-5 reasons to use ShareCloth Editor for 3D sampling

ShareCloth Team · Jul 14, 2019

Hey guys,

It's Sergey, a CEO of ShareCloth.

Today I would like to highlight the coooooolest features (of many) of our Editor – a simple solution for clothing 3D sampling that has become free a few weeks ago.

1. Free of charge software and self-training
ShareCloth Editor became free a month ago. However, it has already made value for our customers running small fashion businesses. Along with the software we provide online video lessons, documentation and the stitched samples for self-education to start generating 3D samples by your own.

2. The support of major CADs
It’s a regular situation – a 3D sampling module is integrated into a regular CAD and has limited functionality or usability. Our Editor supports patterns from all major CAD systems. Experience no limitations, please!

3. Virtual fitting with the client
The Editor is connected to ShareCloth Cloud which enables you to securely upload your 3D style into the cloud to provide fitting experience by the link to your remote customer.

4. Graded pattern stitching
If you have already graded pattern or would like to provide 3D sample fitting for a few different sizes of the style, you may use DXF AAMA file – the pattern with grading.
Once one size is stitched virtually in the Editor – other sizes would be stitched automatically.

5. A slow computer isn't an issue anymore
ShareCloth Editor understands the hardware limitations of a small business or the industry contractors. It’s working even on 10 years old computers with the help of “Stitch in the cloud” option. Once activated, the Editor uploads your project to the secure cloud and returns already stitched project. Your hardware doesn’t play a role in the 3D rendering process.

For the last five years, we create the solution implementing our vision on how technologies could change the fashion industry. Our team hopes, you'll enjoy using ShareCloth Editor and our other products.

Let's stay in touch!

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