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‹‹3D-printed future of fashion business››

This report reveals:

  • Most popular printing methods and materials
  • 5 key fashion business problems 3D printing can solve
  • Disclosures on fabric-like filament release
  • 8 samples of 3D printed garments
  • Designers and market experts opinions
  • An experience requirements needed for 3D printed fashion


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"Fashion business as we know it has been evolving for the last few centuries. Today, the majority of garment production takes place far away from the sales locations. Because of this long-distance supply chain, it takes between 4 and 6 months to get from the drawing of the dress to its delivery to the stores. The extensive supply chains create not just the managerial and economic problems, but environmental hazards as well, because overproduction and inability to easily recycle the majority of garments put a strain on the environment. Fashion industry today is the world’s third largest polluter."

"On the other hand, 3D printing’s potential for the fashion business is clear even today, and it grows with every year. Experts agree that in the next 5-10 years we can expect radical changes in garment manufacturing cycle and the whole supply chain."

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All we know about fashion technology potential

Message from the authors

Sergey Moliavko
CEO, ShareCloth
Dear colleagues,
We live in interesting moment which in the same time opens new opportunities and challenges the industry. How can we upgrade fashion business for good? How can we rise the efficiency, sustainability and put the "design" term into the right way of interpretation? What do we leave for our children and next generation? For the last four years we have been working on innovations in fashion with many bright professionals and brands and today are happy to share all our experience and vision of technology potential in our brand new whitepaper about 3D-printed future. Hope you'll enjoy!