Empowering innovators in fashion 3D-printing

ShareCloth allows fashion designers to connect their knowledge of garment design with revolutionary 3D-printing technologies
Release in Sep'17

How does it work?

Bridging the gap between fashion design and 3D graphic design, ShareCloth helps fashion designers create, customize, fit and 3D-print garments by using regular digital patterns


Design and develop your product in 3D

Use regular flat digital patterns to create garment 3D rendered model, customize design and cut, set-up digital fabric settings and textures, fit the garment on a virtual mannequin in a few clicks

3D-print your garment hassle-free

Print your 3D garments just like a word document by applying your 3D-printer setting and filament profile straight to ShareCloth editor.


3D printing is the future of fashion business



...and its printing with enable production of practical and complex clothing models for different consumer groups and purposes


Supply chain

Will be shortened from six months to several days


Online retail

Will expand the experience of remote customers



Won’t take place until the custom-sized item is sold to the client

At the same time, contemporary traditional garments industry is affecting the plane

25% of all chemicals are used in fashion production
10% of all carbon dioxide is generated by the fashion industry
11% of all pesticides and 24% of all insecticides are used in industrial cotton growing
70 trees are felled each year for production of fabrics such as viscose

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The new market of 3D-printed fashion is rapidly growing, changing the way people produce sustainable, recyclable, and made-to-order garments.
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