Introducing 3D Retail

A cloud-based platform that enables the fashion business to quickly set up precise interactive fitting and digital merchandising of clothes

What we offer

3D Retail enables speedy creation of 3D-samples of clothing and their upload to your website, mobile app or virtual reality for online-fitting – all without any additional software development



Create precise and beautiful 3D-samples of clothes in a matter of 5-10 minutes

Cloud pic


Upload the created models to the ShareCloth cloud



Integrate the fitting option with your website, e-commerce store, mobile app or virtual reality with a few clicks of a mouse and the help of ready-made modules.

Even more options inside our API

What your customer gets?

Fitting on the web

In mobile app

In virtual reality


3D Retail expands the notion of digital retail and fashion merchandising analysis


Cut vs Fit

Learn how the item’s cut influences the decision to buy

Favorite style

What do the combinations of tops and bottoms during virtual fitting say about the client’s tastes

Doubts and opportunities

Which looks are shared and discussed with friends

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